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Daniel Pardo Collas Akka (No Neim) from Bogotá Colombia, began his artistic career in 2016 as a Dj / Producer focused on composition, production, sound design, mixing and mastering, he has worked on projects as an audio director for short films, music for cinema and compositions of commercial music; After this he decided to focus on the underground scene, where he acquired the artistic concept of him based on dark and tense cinematic sounds, sensitive and acid melodies and harmonies, hybrid and industrial sounds; distorted and enveloping atmospheres creating his own style. He currently has signed his music to the labels: Smr Underground (Italy) Pure Dope Digital (Germany) Alienator Records (Japan) Techno never dies (Italy) Global Tribe Records (Croatia) Black Drop (Ukraine) Red Channel Records (Canada) Avaken Records (Czech Republic) Perfekta Theory (Romania) Underzone (Colombia) Musical Habitat (Colombia) Mushrooms (Colombia) Ex-tract Records (Czech Republic) Blue Monkey Records (UK) Day & Night Records (Ireland) Nominated for the CDA (Colombia Dance Awards) 2020-2021 in two categories as best techno song release and best techno revelation producer.

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